Tradition and innovation

In Italy we have a great flair for making beautiful things — things to use, to experience; things that define a way of living guided by good taste, and inspiring strong affections. Small wonder: in Italy, beauty is everywhere. In nature, in architecture, in people, in everyday life. And it was the talent and vision of the brothers who founded the Ragaini companies, forty years ago, that prompted an expression of beauty and practicality through a commitment to a better future, with healthier homes and a happier world. Cultural awareness and technological skills, reflected in a conspicuous number of international patents, have provided the basis for sound products based on good sense and quality, combining the universality of the industry standard with the dimension of the unique.

Every year, the companies of the Ragaini Group manufacture millions of radiators, bringing comfort and style to houses, apartments and offices in more than 40 countries worldwide. Likewise every year, 2.1% of turnover is invested in research and development on new technologies and products.

Corporate headquarters

Ragaini Radiatori S.p.A.
Zona Industriale Brodolini, 46 C
60025 Loreto (AN) Italy
Tel: +39 071 7500740
Fax: +39 071 978814

Gruppo Ragaini Romania
Sos.Berceni nr.104E
Sector 4, Bucuresti Romania
Tel: 021 332 3819
Fax: 021 332 4296