• Jet

    A primary characteristic of JET is its shape designed in function of elevated thermal potential, to obtain immediate and diffused heat.

  • FR2

    Well proportioned design characterised by the presence of wings on the top and lateral sides of the radiator that allow for greater radiating performance thanks to the natural dynamics of air, in a perfect balance of different microclimates.

  • TT on

    Engaging design for the tt ON radiator, characterised by special wings places on the top part of the element, which enable optimal heat outlet. The extremely delicate lines give the radiator a look of great aesthetic comfort.

  • Top

    Essential design, minimal space, optimal performance: TOP is easy to adapt in all environments, even in the smallest spaces, thanks to its compact shape and completely smooth and edge-free modules.

  • Greenheater Programme

    Greenheater Programme Hox endorses the Greenheater programme (sustainable climate control units), which envisages the use of materials and manufacturing processes... continue

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